Friday, August 19, 2005

In Reno... Tryin' to get hooked up!

Here we are!
I'm going to be difficult to get ahold of for the next few by e-mail (ginger & DC) so I've developed a "plan".
DC... we'll just meet as planned (I can't get into my e-mail from the MIL's house, long story).
Ginger, I've got some BodyBonz for your son, and I'll leave my phone # there sometime today (fri), call me and we'll get together. Sat is the only day I've got plans and we'll be here till early Tues.
My MIL had AOL from 100 years ago and I really don't want to break her computer while I'm waiting for a connection... so I'm limiting myself on that. I figured I could hook into a wireless connection w/my laptop, but I can't from here... I tried by one of the casino's and a "please pay the nice people at the front desk" message came up (what ever happened to just tapping into someone else's service for free?).
So I'll catch up when I've got a connection... Ginger and DC, I just wanted to leave you a note here!

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