Sunday, August 28, 2005

I think I found my cause!

EVERYONE is wearing those trendy rubber/plastic bracelets to support their favorite cause. Much if not all of the money from these bracelets go towards research for cancer, to fight hunger or to support some other worthy cause. At least you hope that your money will follow your ideals when you make your purchase.
Because everyone has at least one of those little bracelets, I want one too!. There are so many wonderful causes that I've had a difficult time deciding which one to support, until I found these!
I support entrepreneurship, creativity in free enterprise and of course trendy fashion. I have no problem with putting a few dollars in the hands of an entrepreneur who is only out to make a buck, as long as s/he is being honest about it... as a matter of fact, I can respect that.

Now don't get your panties in a twist if you are a bracelet wearer... this one just struck me as being more honest than some...
uhmmm... like the ones I've seen at Claire's at the mall,
I'm not talking about your bracelet...
yours is totally cool and I love your bracelet...
and your cause.

*credit Arbroath with finding these!

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