Tuesday, August 16, 2005

A few tiny posts in one

The tongue is almost back to "normal" and I can see eyelids again... so I'm on the downhill side of my whatever allergy :)

To everyone who's been frustrated... thanks for hanging with me with the new comments! I've got some directions posted for those who haven't left a comment yet and are still trying to figure it out!

Normally I figure out what I'm posting for HNT around 11:00 on Wednesday night, but I've got this weeks post already to go, it's actually been done since Friday, it's a weird one so be warned.

Lastly... I am getting ready for a long weekend in Reno. We will be traveling all day Thursday and again on Tuesday, but I am so hooked that I got a laptop for while we are gone. Hopefully I'll hit the jackpot somewhere and do some serious retail therapy as well...
On my little trip I get to hook up with my Auntie, which I'm really looking forward to and I'm also going to meet my first blog buddy Ginger!
Right now, I'm getting ready to hit the showers, I just got the shop's duct work re-ducted (?) so the air conditioner works, you know, now that it's almost fall. But that will keep the artists happy while I'm gone.

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