Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Bless his little heart...

I love my husband,
but some days...

We have a gun safe... huge, heavy and full of many things. Coins we collect, a few guns, some knives and of course important papers because the safe is, well, safe.
Prior to the grandmonster getting tall enough to reach the handle, my husband (bless his heart) used to leave the combination just a couple of notches from being open because we are pretty lazy. As the grandmonster got taller, he would watch us and soon figured out how to open the safe. We had to start really locking the safe. Wm had forgotten the combination after not using it for a long time. Luckily we kept the combination written down in a "safe" place in our bedroom.
Today he is trying and trying to get the safe open and I guess it's been a while as he seems to have forgotten all but the last number of the combination... I remind him about the paper that has the combination written on it in our room!
Well I guess last week he was cleaning (yes, he really is that good) and found a stack of papers that needed to be put into a safer location to prevent them from getting lost... mixed in with those papers was the combination, which is now very safely locked inside the, ummmm, safe.

Notice the stethoscope in the picture on top of the safe... we watch too much TV for our own good sometimes.

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