Sunday, July 24, 2005

One person's view on parents...

Disclaimer: My views on this delicate matter apply to *my* own feelings, if you are reading this and are having parental/family issues, I am in no way suggesting that my way of thinking should be yours... This applies only to me and my very personal feelings as they are unique to my circumstances.

Why is it that many people view the same set of circumstances so very differently?
Case in point is how one tends to view one's own family. Most families are dysfunctional to one degree or another, yet as children become adults, some move forward and become very close to their families, others harbor grief and anger and gravitate away... over the coarse of a lifetime many of us experience both to varying degrees.
Here is my experience in a nutshell:
I was raised by a single parent,
alcoholic/abusive father (until the age of 10).
I was moved into a number of foster homes (until the age of 15).
I met my Mother at the age of 15 and moved in with her.
At 17, I knew everything and felt equipped to conquer the world...
so I moved my smartass out.
Sounds a little like daytime TV, huh?
Baby, we were doing this before Jerry Springer even thought about it!
A turning point in my life was in my mid-20's, I was drinking way too much, I was angry at the world for not giving me what I thought was my "due".
My life was beginning to spin out of control.
I had most definitely lost the "fun" in dysfunctional...
One day... literally it hit me like a ton of bricks, in a flash of enlightenment; I realized that no one is responsible for my happiness except me...
It was all about perspective and how I decided I wanted to view the world and my place in it. It was really as simple as making a decision.
For me, there came a time in life where I realized that a family is quite simply made of people...people with flaws, people who are doing the best they can with the cards they have been dealt.
I deeply love my parents, my entire family. Maybe because we had to work harder than most to become a family. Maybe because we have each decided to let go of our expectations and now we just embrace each other as human beings who are all in this mess together.

If you've been hanging around this blog for awhile, you know about 'the story', this is just a preface to the next part of 'the story', to let you know how my brain processes these delicate issues...
More to follow along these lines soon.

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