Saturday, July 16, 2005

Nothing deep...

I've had a couple of days off... finally!
And I really have nothing much to write about, I've been thinking of adding to the story but am not sure about the timing (you know timing is everything!).
Misty and I went to Portland yesterday and poked around at Tiffanys, Saks and Louis Vuitton, just to see if the clerks would ask to help us before security started to follow us :) I spent way too much for a cool key ring at Louis Vuitton (because I've got a new purse and couldn't put my "cheap" key ring in it). Told you I was shallow!
Today the girls and I wandered around the Bush Art Fair and spent too much money again... I found a really cool bracelet that made me miss my sister, so I bought it for her and a similar one for me, just so I could feel closer to her today.
My phone bill is screwed up, I think I'll try to call them to yell, I reduced my advertising in the yellow pages. The ad is great, but they forgot to reduce the bill down to the new contract amount (for two months).

That's about it for now, all is quiet and well in my universe, I hope the same is true for yours....

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