Saturday, July 02, 2005

My Old Journal

I just got home from work... and was rather irritated because when I left, the house was clean. Now it's not. The kids were here (bear in mind that none of them live here anymore, they are "grown-ups" now).
The grand-monster LOVES books and he had pulled several down from a shelf. In picking them up, I found an old journal I hadn't even thought about years. I kept writings of mine, thoughts, ideas as well as prose written by others that had an impact on my life...
I kept this as a reminder of why I am here... not to clean up the library, but to be a person of eventual substance, to grow and learn and not repeat too many mistakes along the way.
So now I sit, remembering that life is so much larger than a messy house (but I cleaned it anyway).
I read something I wrote not too long after meeting Wm.
This is what it says:

Falling in love is like restoring an antique piece of furniture...

You find an old table and you can see it's beauty,
Not in the dents and peeling paint,
but for the beauty that lies beneath,
in the wood.
You love how it feels,
and you can see that feeling when you look at it.

You begin to sand it down,
working through layers of old paint.
Giving to it your time, energy and sweat.
And after a time,
The soft waves of the grain begin to show through,
bit by bit, marveling as it emerges.

You brush off the dust.
And in finishing the wood,
you take care to protect it's beauty.
And when the table is done...
you can easily see why you took the chance
and bought it in the first place...

For the joy of discovering what you had known was there all along.

Years later,
I have a wonderful husband
and a beautifully restored antique gate-leg table!

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