Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Musical Blogs and Vents...

So many people are changing blog addresses... some because of blog stalkers, some because of real life, some because the author feels like they really can't speak freely on their own blog...
I've wrestled with the last one myself.
Just let me take a moment to clarify *my* blog...
The key word here is MY.
My blog is like my brain "on paper"
This is my scared space, the place I write my thoughts, not for the reader, but for me.
Getting things out helps me get perspective sometimes, it is a place I can vent without it having an effect in my real life... this is where I can write both truth and lies, I write about things as I see them... which may not necessarily be accurate from the perspective of another.
It is where I can write my feelings and emotions which will change at my whim...
I may be mad today and happy tomorrow and that is OK...
I don't write to offend, but it may.
I don't write to hurt, but it can.
I don't write to entertain, but sometimes it's too damn funny to leave it in my head.
I write about deep issues and shallow ones... sometimes it reflects my actual self, other times it does not.
Please don't take anything I say here too seriously or to heart...
These are simply the things that clatter around in my brain in any given moment.

Thank you
The Management ~

(now smile dammit, I just had to get this stuff out!)

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