Friday, July 29, 2005

Magic Mirror

If I could have anything, I would want a magic mirror.

At work and in life, I have had the pleasure of meeting some of the most wonderful people. Some of the amazing young women I see oft times complain about being too fat, hating their nose, needing body parts to be bigger or smaller...
Why don't they know that they are perfect just the way they are?

I love flaws, I truly believe that the things about us that are different ARE the things that make us beautiful.

I would love to have a magic mirror, one that I could hold up and you could see all of the beauty that I see when I am looking at you. One in which you could appreciate your imperfections as a wonderful piece of you, a uniqueness that belongs to no other. One that does not show any of the mean little things that bounce around in your head, that are completely self inflected.
If I had a magic mirror, I'd show you just how beautiful you really are.

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