Monday, July 18, 2005

Heat Advisory

So it's hot...
You're stuck in traffic and your air conditioner in on the fritz.
The red light is on it's third cycle and you haven't moved an inch.
No one is looking, so you slide a perfectly manicured hand down your leg to your skirt hem, tugging it upwards you begin to fan yourself with the fabric... the stickiness between your thighs begins to dry, the movement of air feels good on your moist face. You pull at the sheer cloth again, freeing a bit more of the material.
Quickly, you check your make-up one more time in the rear view mirror, which still looks pretty good considering the heat.
It's Okay, no one can see into your car.
Who could possibly know that you are not wearing panties?
Circulating the dry air, the bottom edge of your designer skirt is now hiked up to your delicate chin.
Thank God for tall vehicles.

A man who lives in a downtown loft, high above the crowded street, happens to wander over to his window, a movement has caught his eye, so he's looking down, directly into the privacy of your car.
Him... and now his wife, who has a blog...

Here's a big *shout out* to the lady in the bronze SUV-
My husband says: "THANKS MA'AM!"
It was all we could do to not begin wildly clapping as the light changed!

(True story... you can't make stuff like this up folks!)

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