Sunday, July 17, 2005

The Good ol' Days

Hanging out, watching "old" TV shows on satillite...
It suddenly strikes me how much things have really changed.
I miss those days... or at least the illusion of those days.

I feel badly for my grandson and wonder if he'll ever know the joy of riding his bike to the corner store alone or playing in the park without parental supervision. I wonder if I'll ever let go of his hand while walking downtown, or if we will ever let him use the men's room at the mall alone, before puberty. I wonder how he will look back upon his childhood and how that will compare to the childhood of his kids.

On the other hand, because of political correctness, many of the television shows from 30 years ago would never fly on prime-time today.
Recently, I've watched: Laurel and Hardey (Hardey's wife was an abusive, over-bearing bitch). The Bradey Bunch (Bobby brought a cap gun to school and didn't go to prison for it). Dean Martin (looked great in his later years because he was pickled during his youth). Jackie Gleason (to the moon Alice)...

Are things better, worse or just different?
What do you miss?

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