Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Do It Yourself Project Gone Wrong!I

I was recently reminded about a waxing experience via e-mail. It got me thinking about my own waxing experience. Last fall, we were preparing to take a trip to Hawaii. Because the trip was planned for November (well beyond the official wax/shave season’s end), I was not even close to being ready for a swim suit. William was working night shift, all of the kids were at their respective homes and my place was quiet.
At 2:00 am, some crazy things begin to sound rational. I decided to give myself (my very first) bikini wax.
I wax my brows with this great stuff that doesn’t require muslin strips. You heat it in the microwave; it has a low melt temp. so the wax doesn’t have to be too hot. When it cools, it becomes hard and you grab an end and pull. How difficult can it be anyway, waxing is waxing right?
So I am sitting on the sofa (of all places), I prepare the wax, I apply it, wait a minute and rrrrippppppp, pretty successful and not nearly as painful as I expected. Naturally I finish the job, very pleased with my do it yourself, money saving nature.
Finished, I stand up.
Remember when I said the wax has a low melt temperature? Well there are definitely parts of the body where “body temperature” is a bit warmer than eyebrows. The wax left a sticky residue that stuck, well, the parts waxed, to the inside of my leg, I could barely walk into the bathroom to read the container to see how to remove the tenaciously sticky wax. I thought the directions said to use ICE to freeze the wax, and peel it off… well that could not be right… I grabbed my reading glasses (yes, reading glasses), and sure enough, they wanted me to freeze the wax and peel. I tried washing it off with both warm and cold water to no avail, I tried rubbing it off, I tried picking it off, I tried peanut butter (beginning to panic now), I tried rubbing alcohol (as a desperate, ill thought out, last ditch measure), but I guess they were right about the ice, so I sucked it up and used the ice. Eventually (like the sun is beginning to rise by now), I got the wax removed; I had a horrible rash and was missing several layers of skin in delicate places.
This must be why God invented tank-kinis, you know the swim suits for chicks with little shorts.
The vacation was great, I got a new swim suit to hide my waxing injuries and next time I vacation near salt water, I think I’ll just braid my hair instead!

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