Wednesday, June 15, 2005


I generally don't shop at Walmart. Oh sure it can be convenient and the prices are good, but as an independent business person, I prefer supporting independent businesses. I like it when my dollars support families and my own community as opposed to a nameless corporation somewhere. It's not a political thing really, it's just a shopping style that fits my business sense.
When shopping for the tattoo studio, I generally shop from distributors and medical supply companies as opposed to stores, it's just easier.
Today however, there were some things the studio was out of, that I needed ASAP.
It's the middle of the night, nothing else is open, so I go to Walmart.

My shopping list consisted of:

1 case of disposable razors
4 tubes of KY Jelly
5 large tubs of vaseline
1 box of non-latex gloves
6 bottles of normal saline solution

The clerk started ringing me up one item at a time, after the second item he looked at me and said "so whaddaya gonna...." then he gave a quick glance over the rest of my cart. He never did finish that question...

(Some place, some guy is blogging: "so I was at work tonight and this woman came in... in the middle of the night no less, and you're not going to believe what she was buying.....why on earth would you ever need...???")

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