Wednesday, June 08, 2005

This Kids

So here are the kids. Isaiah is 22, married to a wonderful gal and they are both attending college about a half hour away. Isaiah is a very old 22, he is my miracle. He had an unstable childhood, followed, naturally, by a few troubled teen years. He is my inspiration that you can overcome anything. He's not just smart, but brilliant in many ways... he will figure out a way to excell in any subject, especially those he thinks he's not good at. Audra is 19 (going on 35 and yet regressing to 12 at any given time), she is Jason's mom. I love her to death... sometimes literally. She and I are very close, but because we are so much alike, she makes me CRAZY as well. Ali is the oldest at 25 (26 in a few days!). She also is a survivor. You can put her in almost any situation and she will adapt, usually much better than she thinks she adapts. She recently graduated from Western Baptist Bible College (this is how children of tattooed parents rebel). Ali is still trying to "find" herself in career and personality... I am glad to say that she will be pleasantly suprised at the wonderful woman she finds. Becky and Misty are 24 year old twins. Misty works in management at Starbucks and recently moved back to Oregon after traveling the US in AmeriCorps and landing in SanDiego for a time. She just bought her first home (by herself at the age of 24). She is the 2nd mom in the family. She keeps everyone together, feeds me when William works, and makes sure that everyones needs are attended to. I want to be just like her when I grow up! Becky has the life that I would dream of at the same age, but never had the courage to do. Currently she works on a cruise line, she had been living in Hawaii, but is in Europe for a time... she will be part of the staff bringing a cruise ship home from Germany. Posted by Hello

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