Monday, June 20, 2005

Sleep Aids

Well, if you've been around for a while... you may remember that I have a difficult time sleeping. Once I'm asleep, I'm fine. I could sleep through a train wreck. My problem is that I can not fall asleep... I lay there, lay there, lay there, get drowsy and am about to drop off into sweet slumber, then BANG, I'm awake and need to begin the process again. It's so frustrating!
Sleep aids leave me groggy in the morning so I tend to stay away from them and besides, usually by the time I've figured out I need one, it is morning.
For most things, I think that if you can identify the problem, the solution is self evident.
My husband is the problem.
I'll be just about asleep and he will turn over, facing me... and he is breathing... LOUD, in my EAR. For a while I found that waking him just enough to get him to turn over was working. But like a virus, he mutated his sleep pattern in an attempt to drive me into a sleep deprived mania, and my solution to his incessant breathing was futile. I tried everything including putting a pillow firmly over his face for several minutes, but we eventually found that tactic was disturbing the quality of his sleep. But I stuck with it and finally oxygen deprivation has trained him to only sleep on his left side.
After that problem was solved and I had rested up (a couple of nights), he developed another problem to compensate for the retired problem of breathing. On his left side, he is a leg twitcher (to earth quake proportions), every 2 minutes for the few hours it takes him to get firmly rooted in REM sleep... his legs jump in his sleep. By 3 or 4 o'clock in the morning, three nights a week I kick him, hard, to make him stop moving, the other four nights a week the kick is simple revenge for his being able to sleep . The kick wakes him up and the long process for him to get deeply into REM sleep begins again, from scratch... The sun rise is beautiful, but a hell of a time to be going to sleep when you have to work in 2 hours.
At last, I have found the complete solution... I give ~him~ Valerian Root (for ummmmmm a nutritional supplement) at bed time and it knocks him into REM within 20 minutes of his sweet little head connecting with his pillow.
Now I really don't think that I am a selfish bitch... but more of a loving wife who wants her husband to get a peaceful nights sleep, and really, how good could he have been sleeping before anyway?

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