Wednesday, June 08, 2005


So we are taking a long mid-week, weekend! William's Mom lives in Reno, it is where William spent much of his mis-guided youth... gold stars to my mother-in-law for not killing him years ago, according to some of the stories I've heard :)
We are leaving in the morning and coming back Wednesday night, so if I'm not around for a few, I'm feeding a quarter beast somewhere. We refer to going to the casino as titheing... we usually go on Sundays and leave about 10% of our income!
I'm looking forward to seeing William's Mom. Everytime we visit I feel we connect a bit more. She really is amazing... the world, thankfully, has many strong women, but she is strong in a quiet, understated way. She never boasts or wears her life on her sleeve, she doesn't wear her battle scars like boy scout badges... She leads through calm, strong example.
When we first met, I was a bit afraid of her... I had an amazing bond with my first mother-in-law... she was like my 2nd mom and my guardian angel, she took me in off the streets as a teen, helped me finish school and showed me what "normal" was, sadly she passed away several years ago. I really think that Alice (William's Mom) was afraid that I was a "temporary wife" and did not want me to cause drama for William's girls. Over the years, we've developed a level of trust and I feel closer to her each time we visit and I really look forward to these trips to Reno.Posted by Hello

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