Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Recovered from Reno

So we had a nice trip to Reno... The drive there only took about 8 hours (for most people it's a 10 hour drive), we made good time. There was snow in the mountains... Which was stressful for me, I think snow is beautiful... In pictures. I am the person who causes accidents when it snows because I'm afraid to drive in it :) I live in a valley on purpose! I lost more quarters than I care to confess to, but we did find a great coin shop and William picked up some good stuff.
It seems like everytime I am away, something happens at home that I really should be there for. Audra lives with her sister Misty. Audra is sharing her space with another gal as well. I get a phone call from Audra's friend around midnight on Sunday. Audra had passed out in the bathroom, was pale and clammy and not coming around, and the friend called me to see what to do. They took off for the ER.
Audra had a rough pregnancy with Jason. She developed high blood pressure and was on bed rest for the last 2 months of her pregnancy, hospitalized twice and induced early. Usually pregnancy induced high blood pressure goes away within a couple of weeks of birth, but in her case it didn't and she needed to go on medication. The medication, even in a tiny dose (that did not control her pressure) sapped her potassium to the point of needing 4 rx potassium tablets daily (she is taking grandma amounts of medication).
In the hospital they found her BP to be 152/116 and her potassium dipping very low, requiring a heart monitor, an IV and some medications to get it all under control before my 19 year old had a stroke. I'm far away and can offer no assistance, it's heartbreaking for me and another sleepless night. Audra's sisters and friends all gathered around though to make sure she was OK and that Jason was cared for while she recovered, I was really impressed and I love that our children, as adults, look out for one another. Her medication was finally switched and she looks better now than she has in months! Thankfully she was much better even the next day.

It is always funny when you visit family. Especially in-laws. My image of how William grew up was very different from how I grew up, thus my conclusion was that his life was perfect. It is enlightening to listen to family stories and learn that no matter what, everyone's family is pretty much fucked up, it's just a matter of degrees. I take an odd sort of comfort in that, somehow. What I find most interesting is how people chose to deal with those family issues, that some use it to make them stronger, some use it as an excuse, some hide it well and others wear it like a badge. Some are learners and some are repeaters... thankfully we are both learners (these days). I think most of us alternate among all of the above over the course of a lifetime.
We got to visit with Aunt Shirl and her husband Doug. Aunt Shirl is one of the most amazing women I have ever met, she is William's, father's sister. I just love them and could go on about Shirl for hours, perhaps in another post. It's has taken a while, but I finally feel welcomed by Williams family, I am certain that most of that was my problem, not theirs. I felt like a fish out of the earths atmosphere at first... again, we grew up differently and I was not sure how they would accept me, so I held back for sometime.
It rained most of the way home, I was exhausted, broke and a little depressed at how easy it is to become broke, but I've never been one to quit when I'm ahead.
I love the desert and wouldn't mind living in Reno except for two things... it snows, and I could never live where Safeway carries tequilla and the gas station has slot machines... I'd be destitute! Posted by Hello

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