Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Oh gross

So I stopped by work today, there was a young man there who needed labret jewelry (chin). As he came closer, we realized he'd recently pierced his own labret, he had no jewelry, but apparently he did have a tool box... He had a small bolt threaded through the very swollen piercing that was being held on by a nut. ewwwwwww!
We were reminiscing about other "home made" piercings... One gal that came in with a bloody rag under her chin, because she'd pierced her tongue with a nail and now it was stuck (we advised she go to the emergency room) and the woman who wanted her navel pierced, she came in, filled out the paper work, choose jewelry... I got her in the back only to find a carpet needle stuck in her navel. It took pliers to remove it! And no, I did not re-pierce it for her. No wonder piercing places get a bad rap, look at what we have to work with some days :)
Some folks just need helmets and mittens to protect them from themselves!

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