Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Nothing Much

Today was quiet... Both at home and at work (I pierced a stripper who paid $88 in ones though).
The most exciting part of the day was playing with the Mother's Day present I received from Isaiah and Jen, a pedicure foot-spoil kit. It came complete with a battery operated skin buffing thing + many attachments... I started to wonder if the brush attachment would work well for a facial, so of course I tested it. Thinking the brush might be a bit too stiff for my face, I tried it first on my forehead (previously proven to be the toughest part of my face). Unfortunately my hair was down, and several (like 100) strands of hair became caught in the rapidly spinning brush attachment and in a nano second the hair turned into a mini hair-ball just before it was rudely plucked from my scalp. Everything is now neatly back into the box, I'll try the pedicure again tomorrow.
The low part of the day was receiving yet another letter from the Department of Revenue requesting yet more information. I'm being audited (for the second time in a year... The first was from the employment department) and it's been going on so long that I almost forgot that it was going on. I'm not sure how to prove the things they want because apparently receipts and cancelled checks are not enough, they don't believe anything. I think the only thing that might be worse than being audited might possibly be being the child of an auditor. Could you imagine... "I know you said you were at your friends house, but can you provide documentation?... no, no not from their parents, I need legal proof, I won't tell you what that proof might be, but if you don't give me something in three business days, you're grounded!"
Urrggggg I really needed that pedicure, but now I'm a little scared of the equipment.

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