Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Make me look 20 again

Everyone I work with is at least a decade, more like two decades younger than I am. Because we work so closely together, we rarely notice the age difference... there are many advantages to working with younger people, one is that I frequently forget how old I am getting :) They help keep me young, they advise me on what to wear, what not to wear, give me make-up tips... which is pretty funny because traditionally I have never been much of a make up wearer. Rob's (one of my artists) girlfirend works at Nordstroms at the Mac make-up counter, she, Amy (my piercer) and Rori, (another artist) play with my naked face on slow days. Rhain (Rob's GF) invited me and Misty (who also doesn't wear make up... she has amazing skin and doesn't need it) to a seminar on how to apply make-up. We thought it would be great as neither knew much about applying it. Well between us we spent $400 + on make up... and it wasn't even a hard sell type of seminar... anyone got any bridges for sale? we'll take two!!! I've been wearing it every day just because it would feel like a waste of money if I didn't... Anyway, the next time I complain about being broke, someone please step up and tell me I'm beautiful ;) Posted by Hello

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