Thursday, June 30, 2005

Little Blue Pills for the Masses!

So as a life saving measure... I broke down and saw the Dr. for this insomnia problem. One night William forgot to take his valerian, and I seriously thought about wrapping my pretty little fingers around his neck and squeezing till my knuckles turned white... His crime? He was sleeping.
Poor guy... he really doesn't like the valerian because it makes it difficult for him to wake up in the mornings, it tastes nasty, and really he's not the one who can't sleep, so he doesn't even need it anyway. It does help with the leg spasms he gets at night, at least long enough for me to drop off, but it's like putting a bandaid on a broken arm as far as solutions go. We came to an agreement. We would both go to the Dr. and get checked out, me for sleeping (or lack of) and him for being a "jerk". My main concerns with taking a sleeping pill was a fear of having to stop taking the sleeping pill eventually and having to suffer from the rebound effect of never sleeping again. I also hate the hang over feeling... if I still wanted that, I'd drink (another post!). So anyway, my Dr. suggested that I try elavil. It's an antidepressant, but in low doses it can be helpful with insomnia. Her directions are to take it every night because that's how it works the best and best of all, it has no rebound effect when the Rx is stopped. I'll take it until William gets checked out, cleared, fixed... then we will go from there. I slept like a baby on a cloud of charmin toilet paper last night even tho William didn't take the valerian! I woke up feeling refreshed and had more energy today than I've had in months!

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