Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Jason... King of my living room

Jason discovers licorice! (Don't tell Mom)
Here is living proof that there are no mistakes in life. No matter how bad or hopeless a situation seems, it is part of a life plan.... it was supposed to be. I have come to understand that for me, at least, there are no right or wrong choices... they are just choices. Jason is my youngest daughter's son... at first I was not thrilled about his impending arrival. I saw all of the hopes and dreams I had for my daughter sprout wings, and fly out the nearest open window. I've since discovered that she is young, sturdy and just stubborn enough to make it... eventually (but that's another post). Jason is the light of my life, being a grandparent is nature's way of rewarding us for having been brave (or reckless, some might even say stupid) enough to be parents. It is such a joy to watch him grow, change, learn... I see in him all of the things I was to busy to see while my own children were babies. I learn so much from him!Posted by Hello

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