Wednesday, June 08, 2005

In the news

I just don't read the newspaper or watch the news much any more. I find it generally disturbing, unfortunately I read today's Statesman Journal. On the front page the lead article describes how congress wants to charge drivers by the mile rather than using a gas tax because the government is loosing tax dollars by people driving more fuel efficient or alternative fuel cars. Oregon is participating as a pilot state and will begin a study program in November with active test vehicles. The idea is that all cars will be equipped with a computer that monitors how many miles are driven as well as a global positioning unit to monitor when you cross state lines. The government will require you to visit specifically equipped service stations periodically for gas, where the cars computer can also be read and the appropriate mileage charges will be added to your bill.

When cigarette taxes became ridiculous, many people quit smoking, now Oregon is all but telling people that smoking is healthy because of lost tax revenue, it scares me to think about what will happen if this mileage tax takes hold and people begin to carpool or use public transportation more frequently... Perhaps we can implant computer chips in people and charge them by the step, depending how the chip is programmed, we could look at a blinking tax, or maybe a urine output tax, how about an orgasm tax? (William is laughing is ass off at me right now... I do not over exaggerate) .
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