Wednesday, June 08, 2005

I made this!

Patti is Misty, Becky and Ali's Mom... Williams 1st wife. She is here visiting from California, helping to get Misty's house set up!
I love my relationship with Patti, unfortunately I don't know many current wife/ex-wife relationships like ours, but it would be much better for families if adults could just be adults.
I credit Patti for the great relationship that I have with my step daughters, the kids always knew she was there and that she loves them, she never allowed them to feel that she was far away. She always supported me and my relationship with the girls largely because she was woman enough to be secure in her own relationship with them.
Patti is very creative and taught us how to make these books from scratch... They are cute little post it books, I made this one! I swear she can take scraps of anything and make something totally cool out of it.

Not to change the subject... But you know I don't cook, right? I've got 3 really good top ramen recipes and I can cook mac & cheese (the cheap 28 cent a box stuff) in a variety of manners... My fav is mac & cheese with a can of chili mixed in (I sprinkle parmesan cheese on when I'm feeling like going gourmet). But that's about all I can safely do in the kitchen. Tonight William was working the evening shift... We had Patti, Ali, Misty, Audra, Jason and a friend of Audra's here making those cute little books. Misty got two frozen piazza's out, pre-heated the oven and after several minutes asked if I could pop the pizza in the oven, which I successfully did after carefully reading the directions on the box. The timer went off and I pulled the pizza out... The topping was cooked, the crust golden brown (yippee!), I cut the pizza and we began to eat. We bit in, and the dough was completely raw!!! It was then I realized that I placed the pizza, cardboard and all on the pizza pan to cook (I did take the plastic off first... Give a little credit where credit is due).
This should keep me from having to cook for several more years.
I think I'll wait one more night for that pedicure.

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