Saturday, June 25, 2005

Hug a Kid

Scotties Story...

Scottie was a 14 year old boy who lived in Salem, his parents were divorced and he bounced back and forth between the two. I had met Scottie a few times just because I’m downtown all of the time and have gotten to know several of the kids who hang out here. He’d been into the shop once with his Dad. His Dad got a tattoo and I pierced Scottie’s ears.

Scott turned up missing last week and his picture was all over the news. He’d last been seen with friends by a river front park, they were down there wasting time, drinking and taking pills according the people he was with. When it was time to go, the friends tried to get Scottie to go with him, but he was too wasted to walk. The friends eventually left him there to sober up. Scottie never made it home.

While searching for the boy began, both parents were on the news, making plea’s for anyone with information. The parents had such hatred for each other that they could not be interviewed on camera together.

Scottie’s body was found in a pond near the river front several days after he was reported missing and an autopsy showed that in a drunken stupor he most likely wandered into the pond, he had drowned. The stories continue in the press regarding the funeral. The parents are doing two separate funerals for the boy because they refuse to cooperate for even this one final un-natural act of parenting. Today was the first funeral.

You have to wonder if Scottie ever had a chance.

This story is so sad on so many different levels.
I hugged my kids extra tight today and called their Father to thank him for being an adult through our divorce and in the years that followed. I thanked William for being a good and mature Step-Father who supported me and my style of parenting and my continued parental relationship with their Father.
I can understand anger, hurt and fear... but I fail to understand this.

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