Wednesday, June 08, 2005


So I've got a confession...
I'm a Blog Voyeur,
and I've been adding more "victims" to my list.

I have had the pleasure over these last couple of months to re-connect with family in ways I could not have, even if we lived in the same neighborhood.
To meet kindred spirits, whom if I had met in real life in a cafe somewhere, I may not have even had the opportunity to say Hello.
To read some of the funniest, most beautiful and touching words ever put to paper from the smart, the witty and from those who have mastered the art of writing far beyond my comprehension of the English language.
To you that I share with, to those who I silently peek in on, to those that have opened their hearts and computers to me....

I started Blogging on a lark, who on earth would want to read my mindless chatter? But after reading my sister's Blog for, oh gosh..... A couple of years? I was curious about what was out there, and about what was in here, inside of me.

Feed my voyeuristic curiosity, what started you blogging, what have YOU found out there?

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