Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Blogs and laughs

I was just reading my Aunties Blog and am so glad that I have family members who keep journals. While some of my family is extremely close knit, some of us have gone our own way for many years and do not know a lot about our roots, some of us by our own choice, some by circumstance... This is a great learning tool for me and a wonderful *safe* way to reconnect. My Aunt is a correctional nurse (a sometimes challenging, always entertaining nursing specialty). I was too for sometime, while I was still practicing. I've only met my Aunt a handful of times, but felt a bond with both her and my Aunt Mary instantly... I've always viewed my "correctional Aunt" as being very together, very smart (as are all the women in my family), but Aunt Dorothy just seems to have that indefinable something that makes her stand out from the crowd.
I find the parallels among members of my family mind boggling... I was a nurse in corrections, so is my aunt... My sister whom I did not meet until our adulthood, and I, have many parallels as do I with my cuz. When it comes to nature vs nurture arguments, I now vote for nature, genetics are so strong.
Anyway... Reading my aunts blog had me remembering back to my first day working as a nurse in prison, and how important a sense of humor is, especially in a stressful situation. I had to pass medication in the segregation unit on that first day. The segregation unit on first glance can be imposing. Ours was two tiers of open front cells, all cement and steel. Sounds would echo, nothing was sacred. As I passed the first several cells, a voice from behind me yelled out, it was impossible to tell exactly where the voice came from. The voice called out "hey nursie, come suck my (well you get the general idea)". There were laughs from a few scattered cells, then without missing a beat, I turned over my shoulder and yelled back "today is my first day, I'm not the head nurse" . Then the laughing really busted out... I continued my medication pass like nothing happened, and they never gave me a bad time in segregation again! (Now that I think about it, the head nurse's name was Bob, go figure)
I really think that was the genetics kicking in again...

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