Wednesday, June 08, 2005


So what the hell???? I get a letter with the determination of the audit and of course it sucked because audits are supposed to suck. Does anyone know anybody who ever came out OK in an audit??? So anyway the bastards disallowed legit business deductions because I live in the same building I work in.... like seperate business and personal checking accounts, bills and receipts showing the two unique addresses are not enough. I have contractors doing tattoos, but oooohhhhhh noooooooo their income has now become my income, so I'm fu(ked, no vacations for a while (sorry meg and sam). The good news is I can appeal, which really means they will use the same screwed up numbers and re-check their math..... let's see, "if you think I'm wrong, I'll look at it again then I'll let you know that I'm right + interest.... How fu(king fair is that????

Every other tattoo studio in the WORLD doesn't pay taxes... they fly under the radar and don't claim or deduct anything, so I try to do it the right way, get an accountant, set up payroll taxes, make monthly tax deposits.... and what do I get for my honesty, a random number that turns up for an audit.

Makes me want to buy a small country in Idaho and load up on canned food and shotguns, how's that for some cranky pants (Hi Mom)!

I'll be better tomorrow, I just had to yell.

I think I'll take a (choose one)
* hot bath
* long walk
* deep breath
* valium

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